About us

Cumulus is the smallest and the most sustainable family business you could imagine.

There’s Mum with thousands of hours of experience in knitting. She developed a machine-like precision and a unique character in the pieces she crafts. They’re hardly ever repetitive and still changing. We promise you that whenever you visit our tiny online boutique you will find fresh and surprising textures, colours, and shapes. All wearable, all comfortable, all soft and warm.

And there are two siblings with experience in graphic design and online marketing trying to bring you their mum’s artistry in a fresh and clean way.

All of our knitwear is hand-made in Poland. Coordinated from Berlin.


It’s something that we never want to compromise on. We use the best yarns available. From hand-painted Japanese silk to hand-brushed alpaca you’ll get nowhere else. We could brag about it all day long but you’ll know it with the first touch <3


Blending together the age-old techniques with a modern approach. The designs are timeless yet extremely up-to-date. They will last for long winters. A lot lot lot of long winters.


Since it’s not only a brand, but also a family, there’s a strong energy surrounding it. A lot of love; a lot of passion; a lot of Zoom calls regarding colours, shapes and yarns; and a lot of different emotions. Cumulus is vibrant and alive. And we are so happy to have you with us.


We are committed to eco-conscious materials and practices. Our production methods are simply one person with a pair of knitting needles. Our pieces not only feel good but do no harm to the planet <3